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Step 1. Prepare yourself for the sale

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People sell their properties for various reasons, in order to invest in another property or a business, to move into a home which better meets their needs, to sell inherited property, when moving to another town or village, when they have liabilities ...

Step 2. Sale by using a real estate consultant

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For most people, the sale of a home is the largest and most important transaction they will ever make. By using professionals for each part of the process you will get expertise and legal protection. In addition, the sale of property can be expensive ...

Step 3. What is the value of your property?

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Determining your sale price is the next step in the sale process. The scope of assessment will cover – location, size, type and year of construction, condition and room distribution, number of floors and condition of the common parts of the building...

Step 4. How to have maximum viewing trips

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After you have chosen a real estate consultant, you have to prepare your home for viewing trips so that to have the highest chance for sale. It is especially important to look at the property through the eyes of the potential buyers,and to consider how...

5. Conclusion of purchase and sale contract

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After you have been given an offer, get prepared to negotiate. However, remember that the highest price is not always the best choice. Pay attention to the method of payment – in cash or with mortgage loan, time limits for the transfer of title and ...